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Lágymányosi Str. 12., Ground Floor 2, 1111 Budapest, Magyarország

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Igyekeztünk itt a leggyakrabban és leggyakrabban feltett kérdések közül néhányra kitérni. Ha azonban nem találja a választ a kérdésére, forduljon hozzánk bizalommal a kapcsolatfelvételi űrlapon keresztül.

    The timeframe for a web design project depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the design, the number of pages, and the availability of content. We work closely with our clients to establish realistic timelines and ensure timely delivery.
    We pride ourselves on our combination of expertise, creativity, and exceptional customer service. Our team is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and delivering customized solutions that drive results. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies to provide innovative solutions for your business.
    Absolutely! We can analyze your website’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement optimization techniques to enhance its speed, user experience, and search engine visibility.
    Yes, we offer website maintenance and support services to ensure your website is up-to-date, secure, and functioning optimally. We provide regular backups, security monitoring, bug fixes, and technical support as part of our maintenance packages.
    We specialize in integrating APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to streamline data exchange and enhance functionality on your website or application. This can include integrating payment gateways, Chatbot, social media APIs, ERP, CRM systems, Bookkeeping, Shipping Platform, and more.
    SEO is essential for increasing your website’s visibility in search engine results, driving organic traffic, and improving your online presence. It helps you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), ultimately leading to increased brand exposure and potential customers.
    Our team consists of highly experienced professionals with expertise in web design, digital marketing, SEO strategies, and API integration. We have been in the industry for several years and have successfully delivered projects for numerous clients.
    Yes, absolutely! We understand the importance of personalized communication and providing assistance to our clients. We offer the option to schedule a Zoom call with our team to discuss your project requirements, address any questions or concerns, and provide detailed guidance. Our team is also available for phone support during our business hours. Please reach out to our support team to schedule a Zoom call or to obtain the necessary contact information for phone support. We are here to ensure your experience with our services is seamless and successful.
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