Website & Email Migration

Transfer your website and email data to a new hosting provider, Gig Starts from €49

Seamless transfer with minimal downtime

Streamline your website and email migration! Swiftly transfer WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML, or PHP sites between shared hosting and cloud VPS. Seamless email migration, preserving mails, contacts, and folders.
Unlock peak performance and cost optimization with our expert Website and Email Migration service. Seamlessly transfer your website and emails for improved efficiency and reduced expenses

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Website and Email Migration

Website and Email Migration Services

Email and Website Migration Plans

Our Email and Website Migration plans cater to diverse needs. Projects include Email migration from Google Workspace to Zoho Mail, Hosting transfer from GoDaddy to AWS Cloud, Vultr or DigitalOcean Cloud, WordPress migration between shared hosting and cloud VPS, WooCommerce migration for enhanced performance, and HTML/PHP website transfers with cost optimization. Find below the different services we offer under this category.
Feel free to contact us if you have any other requirements related to Mail, Domain or Hosting migration.
We can migrate your email from Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 to Zoho Mail, or vice versa without any loss of data.

All emails and folders will be transferred seamlessly.

Our fee is only €49 for up to 5 Emails. €20 for each additional 5 emails.

We will migrate your whole WooCommerce website as is, from a Shared to a Cloud VPS or from Cloud VPS to a shared hosting. We will also optimize the server for better performance.

Our fee is only €79, a website with a heavy database or file size and more than 1000 orders may cost an additional €30.

We can migrate your free blogger website or Blog to a WordPress setup without losing any URL or Link juice and will preserve all SEO score. We set up the proper URL redirection and all blog content transfer.

The cost starts from €89. Blogger sites with more than 50 pages may cost additional.

We will set up your Shopify store, Design it and migrate all posts, pages, products, and images to the New Shopify store.

We will also optimize the store with the best settings and plugins. Will make sure all your previous URLs and link juices are preserved.

We can migrate or set up your database on a separate server to optimize the performance. Having a database on a separate server from the main Webserver distributes the loads and makes DB access faster. We can setup an optimized MySQL or MariaDB server for you.

Migrate your HTML or PHP Website to Wix for fast and secure environment. We redesign all pages, Forms and move all content.
Cost €249 for a website up to 10 pages. More page will cost extra.

Additional Services Offered

Explore our Email and Website Migration service for improved app or website performance and controlled monthly billing. Choose from VPS server hosting and advanced email solutions, maximizing cost efficiency while gaining additional features and enhanced control for optimal results
Zoho Mail
Unbelievable Deals

Transfer your Business emails to Zoho mail

Switch effortlessly from Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or other email providers to Zoho Mail with our Email Migration service. Enjoy the benefits of low-cost and lightning-fast email services, complete with POP and IMAP access, ensuring seamless communication and improved productivity.

Lowest Cost, Reliable Mail Delivery
Easy mail Admin panel
Catch All Email, Email Forwarding
Span and Virus Protection
Mobile Mail, POP and IMAP Access

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal available at an unbeatable offer of €49 as our service charge. It covers up to 5 business accounts migration.

Why should you migrate E-mail, Domain or Hosting?

Migrating your email, domain, or website from one provider to another can offer several compelling advantages. Whether it’s to optimize performance, reduce costs, access better features, or enhance overall user experience, here are a few reasons to consider:
Performance Improvement
Cost Optimization
Enhanced Features & Easy UI
Simplified Management
Better Customer Support
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Our Migration Process

How it Works?

We understand that a smooth and hassle-free migration is essential for a seamless transition to New service Providers. Our expertise and experience in this whole well-defined migration process ensures that your email, website, and domain move effortlessly to the new platform while minimizing downtime and disruptions. Here’s how it works:
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#1. Consultation and Assessment
Our migration experts begin by understanding your specific needs and requirements. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current setup to determine the best migration approach.
Pre Migration Backup
#2. Data Backup and Pre-Migration Checks
Before initiating the migration, we help you take backups of your emails, website files, databases, and domain configurations. Pre-migration checks ensure that everything is in order for a seamless transition.
execute Migration
#3. Migration Execution
Once the plan is finalized, our skilled team executes the migration process with precision. We ensure that all data, files, and configurations are transferred securely to our servers.
#4. Testing and Quality Assurance
Post-migration, we rigorously test your website and email functionality to verify that everything is working as expected. Our quality assurance process guarantees a bug-free migration.

Discover our Work Portfolio

Witness the brilliance of our recently completed projects! Explore our Work Portfolio to see how we’ve crafted stunning websites and executed successful Web Development and digital marketing projects. Be inspired by our creativity, innovation, and dedication to delivering exceptional results. Don’t miss the chance to discover how our expertise can elevate your brand and business. Check out our recent achievements now!

Full Website Design

Superfast Loading, Highly Responsive Website with 90+ GTmetrix score.

Shopify Design & Support

Developed E-commerce site on Shopify and Did Zoho CRM and Books Integration.

WooCommerce Website

Developed the whole customized website and Provide annual support & Maintenance.

Website Development

Designed the Whole Website with custom features for Product and shipping page.

Shopify Integration

Customized Shopify Features and Integrated Zoho Books and CRM for Deals and Invoice.

HTML Landing page

Designed Fast, Responsive and Professional Landing page in HTML for marketing purpose.

Business Website Design

Designed the whole business website with mega menu, Forms and other custom features in WordPress.

Quotation Website

Designed the website on WooCommerce where customer can request for quote.

Real Estate Website

Designed the beautiful and responsive Real estate website in WordPress with Bulk Property upload Feature.

Modern Website Design

Beautiful, Modern and Responsive Website designed on WordPress.

Construction Website

WordPress Website project for a Contruction and Restoration work related business.

Counselling Website

Counselling business website for a counselor with Appointment booking function.

Image Compressing Tool

Web app designed in Flask and Python to compress png, Jpg and Webp Images online.

Website Customization

Customized the Quiz Form and Integrated it with Klaviyo to automate various workflows.

Zoho integration Work

Web Development project on Website Security and Zoho CRM integration work.

Wix Website

Designed Wix Website with custom Saving Calculator for real Estate business.

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